Our Drivers

Joe Carara
Kenneth Smith
Joanna Wood


The Bus Driver is responsible for the Bus and for appropriate behavior of students while waiting for, boarding and/or riding on the bus.  Students are to always follow the Bus Safety Rules.  This means that all times Students will comply with instructions from the Bus Driver.

Waiting for the Bus

Be on time!  Plan to be ready to board as the Bus arrives
Wait off the road area
Always watch the Bus as it comes to a stop


Arrival of the Bus

Stand still until the bus has completely stopped
Board the bus safely, quickly, and quietly
Sit in an assigned seat or as the Bus Driver tells you
Be seated comfortably and quickly
Buckle and adjust your seat belt
Please do not act in any manner that will cause the Bus Driver to take his/her eyes from the roadway or mirrors
While the Bus is Moving

Remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened while the bus is moving.  If no seat is  available and you must stand, hold on tightly to the back of the seat while the bus is in motion

While the bus is moving you must do nothing that will disturb or distract the driver or bring harm to others

This includes

No swearing, abusive or vulgar language
Fighting is NEVER allowed and will not be tolerated
No inappropriate gestures or shouting out of Bus windows
Keep arms and head inside windows at all times and only open window after getting approval from the driver
Hold all books or belongings or place them securely under the seat
No standing allowed