Let’s Talk About Books
It is important to have casual conversations with your child about literacy.
Regularly talking to your child about what they are reading and writing develops their literacy skills. 

How do I talk to my child about literacy?

  • Ask what books they are interested in or not interested in and why.
  • Ask what challenges they’ve been working on in regard to reading, writing, speaking, and listening at school.
  • Ask what is new at their library.
  • Tell them about what you are reading. It certainly doesn’t have to be novels. Are you using functional literature like recipes, manuals, charts, or chilling out with short articles about celebrity gossip or sports news?
  • Talk about it! Seeing how a variety of people use literacy is important and encouraging to young learners. 

Vocabulary Building is Critical
Many of the challenges students face while reading are related to inadequate vocabularies.

  • Notice new words aloud and investigate their meaning with your child.
  • Talk to your child about what new words they learned each day/week.
  • Find fun new words and challenge each other to use them.
  • Bigger vocabulary = higher reading comprehension 
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