Any MCS Student who is in grades 7-12 may attend dances.  Each student may bring one guest who attends another school and is in grades 7-12.  Under no circumstance may a student under grade 7 be in attendance.  Students from other area schools in grades 7-12 not guests of an MCS student may attend MCS dances if a sign-up sheet is received from their school office prior to the day of the dance.  When students from another school attend our dance they must also sign in when they purchase entry indicating their name and their home school.  They, however, may not bring guests as MCS students may.   Guest schools who arrive by their own school bus with chaperones are exempt from the above.

Dances are provided as social experiences that we hope will foster positive social skills and provide opportunities for students to interact within a roader peer group.  Appropriate school behavior is a must.  Anyone exhibiting behavior that is in any way rude, inappropriate, harming to others and disruptive will be subjected to the following.

Chaperones will remove the student from the activity.
Administrators will contact parents.
Parents will pick their child up to bring home from the dance. (If a parent is not available the student will be detained in the office.)
MCS students may not be allowed to attend any other extra-curricular activity (including athletic events, concerts, plays, etc.) for the remainder of the school year.
A dance is a school activity; therefore, all school rules and regulations pertaining to the school day and events are in effect.  Any Tobacco product use will lead to school suspension upon reports to the administration.  Drug/Alcohol use or possession will never be tolerated.  Suspicious activity or reports of findings will be directed to the administration and the chaperone in charge will call 911 requesting assistance.  All substance use situations will lead to school suspension, parental involvement, and police action.  The same will apply if any fighting occurs

No student is to leave the dance and re-enter.  There can be NO exceptions to this rule.  In addition, if a student leaves on his/her own accord before the advertised end of the dance, the school is not responsible.