Minerva Central School is a comprehensive public high school with a student enrollment of approximately 125 students in grades Pre-K through 12. All students are housed in a single building. The District is organized as: PreK through 6, and 7 through 12. The School’s Emphasis is on the mastery of essential academic content and skills. Staffing includes two administrators, twenty-four teachers, and seventeen support staff employees. The high school offers a rich variety of programs designed to meet the needs of a talented student population. The average class size in elementary school is eight students, while the average class size in secondary school is nine students. Course Offerings include enrichment, ten University in High School courses, as well as early graduation/admittance. The grading scale for the high school courses is a 100-point scale, where passing is 65-100. The GPA and rank are on an unweighted scale. Twenty-two and a half units of credit are required for graduation, including English (4), social studies (4), math (3), science (3), physical education (2), art/music (1), foreign language (1), and health (1/2)

Mission Statement

To prepare students to succeed as responsible citizens in an ever-changing world, Minerva Central School, in partnership with the community, will provide an individualized, well-rounded education in order to build a strong foundation for personal growth and lifelong learning.


Mrs. Candice Husson has been the Superintendent at Minerva Central School since July 1, 2023.  Prior to that, she served as Principal from January 1st. 2023.  Mrs. Husson began her career in education with the Minerva Central School District in September 2007. She has served as an elementary teacher for 15 years. Due to an athletic merger in 2019, she has also served as the district’s athletic director. Additionally, she has served as the Class of 2013 and Class of 2022 adviser, girls modified soccer coach, girls' varsity soccer coach, girls modified softball coach, girls' varsity softball coach, and the youth and government advisor.

Superintendent's Monthly Message

Mrs. Candice Husson, Superintendent Minerva Central School iimage


Contact Information

Minerva Central School
PO Box 39
1466 Cty Rte 29
Olmstedville, NY 12857

Phone:  518-251-2000
Fax:       518-251-2395

Mrs. Candice Husson
518-251-2000 ext:414

Director of Student Services
CPSE/CSE Chairperson
Miss Jody Hyatt
518-251-2000 ext: 419

Secretary to the Superintendent
Mrs. Lynn Green
518-252-2000 ext: 410

Academic Guidance Counselor
Mrs. Sherry Galkiewicz
518-251-2000 ext: 412

Business Manager
Mrs. Cortney McCauliffe
518-251-2000 ext: 415

Human Resources
Mrs. Kim Monthony
528-251-2000 ext: 411