The Ember
Welcome to The Ember, Minerva Central School's student magazine 

Ember is Minerva Central School’s literary magazine. A literary magazine is a collection of creative works by the MCS community, consisting of artwork, writing, and other media.  Creating a literary magazine teaches students the fundamentals of publishing and provides them with a place to see their writing and artwork in print. It gives them a sense of audience, which is crucial for young writers and artists. The production of the literary magazine requires a great deal of student responsibility and accountability. It encourages independence and provides that critical real-world connection to what we do in the classroom. The advisors and a staff of students are responsible for selecting student work, editing, and laying out and designing the magazine. So in addition to improving writing, editing, and proofreading skills, students learn the concepts of design and computer skills. They must set goals, make decisions, and succeed at creating a product that is important to them. The literary magazine is truly a collaborative effort that provides opportunities for students to extend learning beyond normal MCS course offerings and to celebrate the artistic achievements of the MCS community. 
Staff Photo
Advisor: Mr. Robert Kirker