Health Office

Mrs. Teresa Brannon Strohmeyer

Mrs. Teresa Brannon-Strohmeyer

Welcome to the Minerva Central School Health Office.

Health services at MCS include:

Evaluation and treatment of ill or injured students and staff as is possible at school

Administration of medication as indicated
Illness surveillance
Development and implementation of health care plans for students with chronic conditions
Communication with parents around health issues for their child
Development/revision of health policies as indicated

December 21, 2023

Dear Parents:

Thank you for cooperating with me as I learn the role of attendance officer. Per our policy, I will send home letters for every five absences, tardiness, early departures, or any combination thereof.

In Minerva Central, we utilize a computer program to record events and track the attendance for the students. Even though I am still learning of the many capabilities of this program, it is important now that our students are given options to make up for their lost education time. In acknowledgement that there were questions in the earlier attendance recordings, and to be fair to the students, we began with a clean slate as of December 18, 2023.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in regards to our attendance policy and its

enforcement. Not only does New York State require this, but there is an obvious relationship with attendance and how well a student can succeed and gain positive-lifetime habits.

Please reach out with concerns. We encourage discussion that will benefit our students.



Teresa Brannon Strohmeyer, RN

Minerva Central School Nurse

Attendance Officer


Please refer to the school website for the attendance policy.