Alma Mater

 “Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling.  A song makes you feel a thought.” ~ E.Y. Harburg

The Alma Mater first appears in full in the 1965 yearbook with the above sketch of the school, which is unsigned.  The first stanza appears in the 1957 and 58 yearbooks underneath photographs of the school.  
 It is believed that Helen Barnes who taught music at Minerva Central School for many years wrote the lyrics to our Alma Mater. 

Alma Mater


Alma Mater

Proudly stands our Alma Mater
Ever glorious to view
We thy children love thy honor,
To the green and white are true.
We will ever sing thy praises,
Ever praise her name,
Live to make our lives add luster
To her truths and glorious fame.
Let the glad notes wake the echoes
Joyfully we cry
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail, all hail Minerva High.
We will ever live to love her,
Faithful, loyal, and true
We shall think of days we spent here
Alma Mater, dear, with you.
Though the coming years shall part us
From thy ever watchful care
We will turn with fondest yearning
To the halls and scenes so fair.
So farewell dear Alma Mater,
May thy name we humbly pray,
Be reverenced ever after As it is by us today

Class Picture

Helen in 1957

Front: Robert Savarie, Helen Barnes, Ruth Jackson, Louis Paini, Back: Daniel O’Rourk, Theodore Hoffa, John J. Leach, Gordon Downe, Archie Marino


Helen in 1971