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Sixth Grade Gab

Welcome back! The 6th graders have been full speed ahead.  This group is a busy one. They are taking adventures through Egypt, the surrounding woods, and the properties of matter.  It’s a wild ride. Thanks to the Cornell Cooperative Extension Program we are well-versed tree trackers. We have tested out Kahoot!, Quizizz, Gizmo, and Tynker just to name a few educational resources. The 6th graders have become well-versed in the art of mystery and narrative writing. 

Negative numbers make sense when you talk about sea level, temperature, and MONEY! Golf is the outlier that doesn’t follow the rules of value for negative numbers. Fractions are less intimidating when they are in burger or decimal form, copy dot flip has us dividing decimals like the pros. Band and Chorus are helping us become well rounded, along with the start of elementary soccer. 

We also were able to see an operatic version of The Ugly Duckling. 

Sixth Grade Class Image
Sixth Grade Class Image
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