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    "The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves
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     ~ Robert Hutchin
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    “April showers bring May flowers.” This year this quote took on a different meaning. It should have been April mid-vacation snowstorm brings chaos and likely May flowers! Once again, it seems like the weather in Minerva this time of the year just cannot make up its mind. However, as we wind down this school year (as of May 1st, there are only 37 days of instruction left), I know that everyone will continue to put forth their best effort and finish strong. Unlike the past two pandemic-infused school years, May and June are looking to be back to MCS normal!

    The culture of finishing strong is something that has predated my tenure at MCS. I am incredibly grateful that this trait is instilled in the students and faculty. I have often seen individuals start strong but coast to a finish. We are instilling here at MCS that no matter what you are doing or choose to do, do it to the best of your ability and make sure you can say to yourself, “I gave it my all, and I emptied my tank today.” Having this trait engrained, our students set themselves up for success when they finish school in June. Whether for summer employment, having fun on vacation during the summer, or even moving on to the next chapter of their life, our students have what it will take to start strong, give it everything they have, and finish strong. 

    May is also a great time to revisit any goals that you may have set for yourself back in September. For me, thinking back to September can be daunting. Think about how long ago that was, how much has happened in that time, and realize that 8 out of 10 months are already done. Time tends to go by without us realizing how fast it is going. Taking the time to see what our progress was on our yearly goals can be rewarding. I say this because as long as you have tried your best and given it your all, you should be proud of what you tried to do, even if you do not accomplish your goal.  

    This spring, I want everyone to take the time and enjoy and recharge. With all the hard work we continually do, even though we have occasional vacations and the weekends, it is crucial to take “you” time. If you don’t, you run the risk of not finishing strong or giving it your all. Everything is tied together. 

    Enjoy the (hopefully) wonderful May weather. Be safe!


    Kyle H. McFarland