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    Information problem solving and research:
    Defines task  /  Information Seeking Strategies  /   Location and Access  /  Use of Information  /  Evaluation  /  Syntheseis
    WSWHE BOCES School Library SystemInformation Literacy Curriculum
    Skills Matrix using Big6TM terminology

    Skill or subset



    Information problem solving and research:
    Information seeking strategies
    (Students will)



    Determine possible sources for information including print, non-print and community resources



    Assess the availability of potential resources



    Know when and how to use print, non-print and electronic resources (for example – online catalogs, specialized databases, search engines, websites, etc.)



    Evaluate the available resources to determine the best for the task considering readability, timeliness, bias, point of view, authority, reliability, relevance



    Select resources, progressing from guided toindependent, to meet information needs




     I = Introduce       D=Develop           E = Expand          A = Apply
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