•  School Nurse 
     Welcome to the "Nurse" section.  Here you will find information on various aspects of the school nurse office that might relate to your child. 
    Please feel free to call me at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding the health and well-being of your child. 
    The primary purpose of any nurse in any school is to make sure each child is as physically and emotionally ready as possible to handle the day to day routines of school life. 
    This includes, among other things, verifying vaccinations, hearing and vision screening, working with our school physician for regular school physicals, providing first aid for any accidents or injuries, dealing with illnesses, and providing emotional support and guidance when a problem isn't really physical. 
    If you are looking for a specific topic of information, please note the subcategories under the School Nurse page.  If I do not have something listed you feel I could help you with, please feel free to e-mail me.  I have provided the link on the bottom of the page.  Thanks for looking!!
    Contact Information:  Sue Frasier - Email - Phone:  518-251-2000
Last Modified on December 18, 2017