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A new application must be filled out each year.
Please call 518-251-2000
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Free and Reduced-Price Meals

Minerva Central School offers a  healthy meal each school day. Children who meet federal income guidelines may be eligible to receive these meals free or at reduced price by filling out an application (PDF). Free and reduced meals entitle a student to a full meal. Snacks and a la carte items do not qualify as part of a free or reduced meal.

All meals served must meet nutrition standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). If a child has been determined by a doctor to have a disability and the disability would prevent the child from eating the regular school meal, the school will make any substitutions prescribed by a doctor at no extra charge. Please note, however, that the school is not required to make a substitution for a food allergy, unless it meets the definition of a disability.

Family Applications

One application must be filed per household listing all the students that reside in that household. Please return the single application to:

Nancy O’Brien
Minerva Central School
PO Box 39
Olmstedville, NY 12857
PO Box 39, 1466 County Route 29
Olmstedville, NY  12857