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     MCS 1:1 Chromebook Initiative

    Student/Parent Agreement


    Program Mission:

    The mission of the MCS 1:1 initiative (one electronic device for each student) is to ensure that Minerva Central School District students in grades 3 - 12 have regular, equitable access to the digital tools and resources that allow them to be successful 21st-century learners.  To reach this goal, the district will provide students with digital devices that can expand their learning opportunities beyond the walls of Minerva Central School.


    Minerva Central School has adopted a 1:1 Chromebook program, which will provide an electronic device (i.e., Chromebook) to each student for his/her use during the day.  These devices will be issued to students at the beginning of the school year and will be stored in a Chromebook cart at school.

    Important Resources:

    Link to Chromebook User and Procedure Guide: https://www.minervasd.org/domain/164

    Link to Acceptable Use Policy: https://www.minervasd.org/Page/392


    • There is no cost to receive the device.
    • An incident fee will be charged every time a hardware repair is required from intentional damage.
    • A minimum of $30 for the first incident; $50 for the second incident; $75 for the third incident; and, $100 for the fourth incident and beyond. Damage to a device that is beyond repair will result in responsibility for a full replacement of the device.
    • Lost, stolen or questionable damage will be reviewed by the administration on a case-by-case basis to determine fees.
    • Students will be charged for missing items (or for items damaged beyond repair): Power cord = $35, Device = $250

    Be Responsible:

    • No stickers or writing allowed on the device.
    • Students must take measures to protect the device from damage or theft.
    • At no time shall the device be used for unlawful or inappropriate activities.
    • Students are not allowed to let others use their assigned device.

     Be respectful:

    • Students must follow the Minerva Central School Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Procedures at all times while using district-issued devices.
    • Violators of the Acceptable Use Policy or items stated in this document will be addressed by the school administration to determine the proper course of action.
    • No right of privacy exists in the use of devices provided by the school.

    Please initial beside each statement acknowledging that you agree with the statements below.  All statements must be agreed upon before a device will be loaned to the user.






    I understand that I am completely responsible for the device and its accessories while it is checked out to me and I am not permitted to loan the device or accessories to anyone else



    I understand that if my Chromebook is damaged, I must bring it to my teacher or Mr. Pagnotta for repair as soon as possible.



    I have read and understood the Chromebook User and Procedure Guide and Minerva Central School Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy https://www.minervasd.org/Page/392



    I understand that inappropriate and irresponsible use and conduct while using the device and/or other technology resources and/or school network shall result in disciplinary action.  I agree to be a responsible digital citizen and user and will conduct myself appropriately while online.



    I agree to pick up my device daily prior to the start of the first period



    I agree to return my device each day during PM Homeroom at 2:3

    As a student/parent/legal guardian, I understand these rules and agree to fully comply with them.

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