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    Mission Statement

    The MCS Student Council; educates, inspires and, enlightens our students to prepare them to become members of a strong global community.

  • Advisors:  

    Eric Leerkes and Deborah Taylor

    The MCS Student Council is comprised of three students from grades8 – 12.  enrolled in grades 8 through 12. Each class votes on two representatives who serve alongside their class president. 

    Expectations for Council members are high, Council members are representing the entire MCS student body and are expected to behave in an exemplary manner at all times.  (Students can and will be removed from the council at the discretion of Mrs. Taylor and or Mr. Leerkes)

    Student Council members are expected to...

    1. provide a role model for other students
    2. show leadership throughout MCS
    3. take initiative in identifying tasks and projects to be undertaken by the council
    4. follow through on student council tasks and projects
    5. participate fully in Student Council activities  and projects


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