Athletic Rules
    for Spectators
     Minerva / Johnsburg 

    Minerva Central School enjoys a long tradition of athletic participation and also enjoys a reputation of good sportsmanship, fair play, and proper behavior when acting as the host school at home games.  The Minerva-Johnsburg programs are open to all eligible secondary students.  A separate handbook is available for more information

    The following procedures are designed for students and adult spectators so that everyone may better enjoy the games and endure the safety of all.  Your support and help are greatly appreciated.

    1.     Students in grades K-6 must be accompanied by an adult.

    2.     Students in attendance are considered spectators. They are to be seated in the bleachers, or standing in designated areas and remain there for the duration of the games.

    a.     During all contests at MCS, entrance into the main building will be prohibited. The locker rooms, bathrooms adjacent to the PE office, lobby and hallways are the only facilities that will be in use

    b.     Students may not ride bikes or motorized vehicles where spectators are located.

    c.      Spectators MAY NEVER enter the fields of play. 

    d.     Doorways may not be blocked by spectators

    3.     NO food or drink of any kind will be permitted in any area except the cafeteria.

    a.     Food and drinks may be consumed during outdoor events. Please encourage the use of trash baskets that are provided. Under NO circumstances should refreshments be allowed into the school building.

    4.     Students and spectators are asked to please use bathrooms during half times or other timeouts.

    a.     All spectators requiring the use of the facilities during outdoor sporting events should access the building through the rear doors adjacent to the “mudroom”. All other doors are for emergency use only. The doors are open to allow our guests to use the bathrooms, water fountains, and public telephone in the gym lobby. 

    5.     Students may not leave the school building during any game. Once a student has left the building, they may not return, or ride on school transportation.

    6.     Spectators may not stand in doorways, halls, or any other traffic areas. This includes areas that needed to be kept open as fire exit routes.

    7.     Staff chaperones will be on duty in the gym, hallways, bathrooms, outside and the cafeteria to assist and supervise spectators.

    a.     Chaperones will be responsible for all students and spectators in attendance at baseball, softball, tennis, and soccer events during home events, including those not affiliated with Minerva Central School, and all Minerva and Johnsburg students during away events.

    b.     Chaperones are also responsible to safeguard all school property. During Minerva/Johnsburg athletic events, Brannon Field and the Donnelly Beach Tennis Courts are considered as part of the school district.

    c.      School property and building security is of the utmost importance; however, all spectators will be treated as guests, and assisting them is the number one priority

    8.     Spectators will not stomp bleachers, whistle, or interfere with play, referees, or exhibit any behavior that could penalize our teams. Spectators who are asked to leave may not return.

    9.     As always, there is absolutely NO SMOKING in the building or on school property. 

    10.   Other directions pertaining to specific events will be given by the administrator (or designee) on duty prior to, or at the event