•  Health 10


    10th Grade - 10th Grade Health revolves around the National and New York State Learning Standards and the Glencoe Book, “Health and Wellness”.  It is usually offered as a half year course full time.  It is broken up into 8 Units that are described as follows:

              Unit 1 – Health Skills – Consists of the following subtopics: Taking responsibility for Health; Accessing valid health information, products and services; Practicing healthful behaviors; Analyzing influences; Using communication skills; Setting health goals and making responsible decisions; Being a health advocate.

    Unit 2 - Mental and Emotional Health – Subtopics – Developing good character; Developing a healthy mind; Expressing emotions and handling stress; Dealing with depression; Dealing with loss and grief

              Unit 3 – Family and Social Health – Subtopics – Developing  healthful family relationships; Adjusting to family changes; Examining dating and friendships; Practicing abstinence from sex; Recognizing harmful relationships; Preparing for marriage and parenthood.

              Unit 4 – Growth and Development – Subtopics – Keeping your body healthy; learning about the Reproductive Systems; Learning about Pregnancy and Childbirth; Caring for Infants and Children; Developing learning and planning styles; Aging Healthfully.

              Unit 5 – Nutrition, Personal Health and Physical Activity – Subtopics – Choosing Healthful Foods; Following Dietary Guidelines; Using diet to guard against disease; Developing Healthful Eating Habits; Maintaining a healthful weight; Having regular physical exams; Being well-groomed; Getting adequate rest and sleep; participating in physical activity; practicing fitness; Exercising safety

              Unit 6 – Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs – Subtopics – Using prescription and OTC drugs safely; Choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle; Choosing a tobacco-free lifestyle; Avoiding illegal drug use; Avoiding drug dependence; Resisting pressure to abuse drugs; Reducing risk by being drug free; Assessing treatment options.

              Unit 7 – Communicable and Chronic Diseases – Subtopics – Avoiding Communicable Diseases; Dealing with Respiratory Diseases, Asthma, and Allergies; Reducing the risk of STD’s and HIV; Reducing the risk of Cardiovascular Diseases; Managing Chronic Health Conditions; Reducing the risk of Cancer.

              Unit 8 – Injury Prevention and Personal Safety - Subtopics – Reducing unintentional injuries; staying safe during severe weather and natural disasters; Reducing the risk of violence; Respecting authority and obeying laws; Protecting yourself from physical and sexual violence; Staying away from gangs; Reducing weapon injuries; Performing common First Aid Procedures; Performing Emergency First Aid Procedures.