Health 7 Expectations and Guidelines


    1.           All students will participate in a group discussion on the first day of class to determine the rules of health class.  These rules will be agreed upon by all class members, signed, and posted to be in effect at all times.



    2.         Yellow cards and red cards will be in effect in health class.  Students will have a yellow card placed on their desk for unacceptable and/or inappropriate behavior based on Mrs. Feiden and the rules developed by the students.  This is the warning.  Further behavior will cause the yellow card to be exchanged for a red card.  If a student receives a red card, the student will be expected to stay after class to meet with Mrs. Feiden and discuss further action.



    3.         If a student is absent on a class day, the student is expected to make up any and all work that was assigned immediately upon returning to school.  If a test or quiz is given on a day in which a student is absent, the student is expected to make arrangements immediately upon returning to school to make the test up.  Make up tests will NOT be taken during class time.  (I will not search a student out to make up work.  The student is expected to find me to make up the work or receive the zero they have earned.)  The student will have one week from the test date in which to make up the test.

    **This does not include missing class for band lessons.  Band is a positive choice and a recommended experience.  However, any tests or quizzes missed because of a band lesson need to be made up immediately.  Students are still responsible for ANYTHING that goes on in class on that day.  A band lesson occurs once a week and students know when they are scheduled.  The excuse “I had a band lesson yesterday and missed class” is not acceptable.



    4.         Quizzes, homework/class work, and class participation will count for 1/2 of a student’s grade.  Unit Tests will count 1/2 of a student’s grade.  Study sheets will be given prior to any Unit Test.


     7th Grade

    7th Grade Health revolves around the New York State Learning Standards and the book by HOLT called “HEALTH”.  It is offered in the second half of the school year and is a full time, half year course.  It is broken up into 7 Units that are described as follows:

            Unit 1 - Wellness and Stress - Consists of work relating to “Health and Wellness: A Quality of Life”, “Making Responsible Decisions”,  “Mental And Emotional Health”, “Building Self-Esteem”, “Coping With Loss”, and “Preventing Suicide”. 

            Unit 2 - Body Systems - Consists of review of 7 of the 9 body systems: Circulatory, Digestive, Excretory, Muscular, Nervous, Respiratory, and Skeletal: and introduction to #8 - The Endocrine System.       
            Unit 3 - Growth and Development, Family Life and Social Health - Consists of work relating to “Reproduction and the Early Years of Life”, “Adolescence: Relationships and Responsibilities”, “Adulthood, Marriage, and Parenthood”, and “Families”.
            Unit 4 - Conflict Management and Preventing Abuse - Consists of work relating to   
            Unit 5 - Substance Use and Abuse - Consists of work relating to “The Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Drugs”, “Alcohol: A Dangerous Drug”, “Tobacco: Hazardous and Addictive”, and “Other Drugs of Abuse”.

            Unit 6 - Diseases and Immunizations - Consists of work relating to “Infectious Diseases”, “Sexually Transmitted Diseases”, “HIV Infection and AIDS”, and “Noninfectious Diseases and Disorders”.

            Unit 7 - Safety and Healthcare Consumer - Consists of work relating to “Safety and Risk Reduction” and “First Aid and CPR”.