The fourth grade health curriculum can vary slightly, especially when it comes to presentation order.  These are the topics we cover:


    Introduction to the concept of Health

    “About Me”

    "Personal Card"

    "Coat of Arms"


    Mental Health & Laughter


    Circulatory System

    • Heart
    • Atriums
    • Ventricles
    • Aorta
    • Arteries
    • Veins
    • Capillaries
    • Trace the Path
    • Jobs
    • Basic Facts

    Nutrition and Fitness

    ·        Keeping the body healthy

    ·        Fitness

    ·        Essential Nutrients

    Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Water

    ·        Food Guide Pyramid


    Head Lice
    • What are they
    • How we get them
    • What they can/cannot do
    • How do we prevent/get rid of them

    Preventing Diseases

    ·        Skin

    Follicle, Fingernails/toenails, Sensitivity, Fingerprints, Pores, Layers, Scabs


    ·        Lines of Defense

    1st Line – Skin, Cilia, Clean Sweat, Mucous Membranes, Tears, Stomach Acid

    2nd Line – Increased blood flow to bring WBC’s to the area.

    ·        Immune System

    ·        Protection

    *  AIDS


    Substance Abuse Prevention/Education

    ·        Facts

    ·        Self-concept

    ·        Decision making skills

    ·        Refusal skills