• Q - Do all students have to take a Foreign Language?
    A - Yes.  It is a New York State requirement.  The only exception is if the student has an IEP for specific disabilities that could exempt him/her from the Foreign Language Requirement.
    Q - What Foreign Languages are taught at MCS?
    A - Spanish is the only Foreign Language now being taught at MCS.
    Q - When do MCS students start studying a Foreign Language?
    A - 7th Grade.
    Q - How often do classes meet?
          All Spanish classes meet 5 days per week, all year long.
    Q - How long do students have to study Spanish?  What are the minimum requirements?  Are there State Exams?
    A - That depends on which type of Diploma the student wants to graduate with.
        1. Regents Diploma (minimum requirement for graduation):
            a. Students must successfully complete/pass 7th grade Spanish and Spanish 1 in 8th grade; and
            b. pass* the locally developed Proficiency 'Equivalent' Exam, since the State Education Department is no longer producing
                the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam itself.
            * Students who do not pass the Proficiency Exam are required to successfully complete/pass Spanish 2 in 9th grade.
        2. Advanced Regents Diploma (especially for college bound students) :
            a. In addition to the above Regents Diploma requirements,
                students must successfully complete/pass Spanish 2 and 3 in 9th and 10th grade; and
            b. pass the locally developed NYS Spanish Regents 'Equivalent' Exam, since the State Education Department is no longer
                producing the Regents Exam itself.
    Q - Does Minerva offer college credit Spanish courses?
    A - Yes, Intermediate Spanish 1 & 2.  
          Students who have successfully completed Spanish 3 and passed the Regents Exam with a score of 85 or higher are eligible to take theses courses.
    Q - Why study Spanish, or any Foreign Language for that matter?
    A - There are too many great reasons for me to list them all here!  Check out my "Fun Facts about Spanish and Foreign Language learning"
           link for some of the many important answers to that question.